Good To Gold Inc. is a full service, precious metals dealer located in Palm Desert, CA. With over 25  years of experience and tens of millions of dollars of gold and silver bullion traded, Good To Gold has a reputation of ​Honesty, Integrity and Reliability​.

Our mission is to offer an alternative to traditional investing by allowing our clients the opportunity to move away from dollar denominated investments.

Nearly all financial planners highly recommend diversifying at least 20-25% into tangible assets.  With a Tax-Free Transfer/Custodian-to-Custodian ​of an existing IRA or former 401K we can help you protect your portfolio.

    Despite the artificial CPI Index, inflation is ever present. With most IRA’s in Money Markets yielding far below the real inflation rate, your retirement is losing ground every day.

Precious Metals have for the last 100 years held their value or increased significantly  in value during stock market crashes. 163% increase from 1972-1974 (Dow lost 40.5%), 32% increase in 2007-2009 (Dow lost 49%) and a 21% increase in 2011 (Dow lost 15%).

Trillions of U.S. dollars are trapped in these non-performing IRA and 401K plans. In 1998 Congress approved physical gold and silver for precious metals self directed IRA’s. Let us guide you through the simple process of converting your paper assets into hard physical assets in as little as 7-10 business days. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure the transition is smooth and hassle free. ​