Recession is Coming! Recession is Coming!

By August 24, 2017Uncategorized

Everything goes in cycles. If we look back over our history, we find that about every 8-10 years we go into another recession. The last big recession was in 2008. But, I believe, that the one coming may prove to be even costlier than the one before.

Everyone has heard the phrase “Kicking the can down the road”. It has become synonymous with our elected officials. For the last 10 years they have been putting band aids on gaping wounds and then patting themselves on the back for keeping things from getting worse than they already were. But, we’ve reached the end of that road and there are no more band aids left in the box. So, instead of coming up with real solutions to the problems that “they created”, they’ve resorted to passing the blame. And, suddenly, it’s all President Trumps fault. Of course, forget that he was NEVER IN POLITICS!

“Oh, if only Hillary had been elected.”

From the Debt Ceiling to legislation of almost any kind, we have watched, in total disbelieve, as our government has become inadequate in being able to come together for the sake of this country and the people who elected them to represent us. But, what I find even more appalling, is the fact that these so-called representatives never feel the pain that they inflict on the rest of this country.

Have you ever heard one of them say “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to pay my bills this month” or ” My kids are going without food or clothing” How about “I may lose my house because I can’t pay my mortgage!”

We elected you to be our intermediaries. To go to Washington to represent our best interest (whether it’s our district or our state). Not to get rich off of our sweat and hard work.

I’m not going to say that your job is easy. I’m sure it isn’t. But, your “Divisiveness” and “Deplorable” rhetoric are tearing this country apart.

There are people in Washington who have no business representing anybody. They are nothing but attention seekers, and I’m not sure they even care what kind of attention they get. After all, they won’t have to feel the pain. But, we will. We always have. And when this next recession hits, a lot of us won’t have the luxury of being able to wait for a recovery. Assuming there is one.

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