Mitch McConnell in just a few carefully constructed words, has explained to all of America, what is wrong with our Government and its so called “Leaders” that “We the People” put in there to represent us.

Mitch said and I quote “Our new President, of course, has not been in this line of work before. And I think he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the Democratic process.”

REALLY? I think he is well aware of how things happen in the Democratic process, as all Americans are, which is why we put him (not you) in charge.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I am a Republican, NO WAIT! Scratch that. I am an American. And I have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for the “Peoples” representatives, to do something other than inflict misery on the very people they profess to represent. If we approached our jobs with the same cavalier attitude that so many in congress approach theirs with: WE WOULD BE FIRED!

Boss to employee: “I need you to get this done ASAP!”

Employee to Boss: “Well, I think you have excessive expectations.”

Boss to employee: “Fine, I’ll get someone else to do it. You’re FIRED!”

For 8 long years, you, and everyone like you, told the People that if we gave you total control you would TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. What a crock!

I have to wonder: Is it that you don’t know what you are doing? Or that you just don’t want to do it? Most of the Media (Left and Right) have been saying that if things don’t get done it will spell doom for the Republicans in 2018. They are both right and wrong. It doesn’t mean that we won’t vote, or that somehow we’ll vote Democrat. It means that those in the “Establishment Right” as well as those on the “Left” will be looking for new jobs, as we will replace them with someone who will get things done.

I have often said “If you want our Government to come up with a good solution to “ANYTHING” then make sure they have to follow the same rules they lay out for everyone else. NO EXCEPTIONS NANCY PELOSI!”

Our country is facing what could be a welcomed recovery, while at the same time, we are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun called “North Korea”. But, instead of coming together, the Media, the Progressive Left (or Socialist) of this country and the Establishment Right are spending all of their time pitting us against each other.

Whether it’s cries of “Racism”, “Islamophobia”, “Homophobia” or “Transphobia” (As a white man, I’ve been accused of so many phobias, I’m trying to get my doctor to put me in for disability. I’m obviously a very sick man and didn’t even know it) or what ever is the flavor of the week, we have allowed ourselves to be ridiculed to the point that we don’t even want to talk to each other, for fear of being labeled.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If you want to keep your cushy little jobs, you better “GET TO WORK!!!”

Or would you rather have MAXINE WATERS RUNNING THINGS! “OH, GREAT! Now I’ve really made myself sick!”



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